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Tricia Wright’s Story

In January 16th of 2010, life took a dramatic turn. That is the date that Tricia Wright, a wife and mother of two little girls, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer with metastasis to her liver and lungs. At age 35, the diagnosis and especially the aggressiveness of the disease came as a shock. Surgery was successfully performed to remove the colon tumor, but her liver tumor and multiple lung spots still remained. After consulting with her surgeon and oncologist, chemotherapy was determined to be the best course of treatment.

During the initial months of treatment, a group of people from Tricia’s home church, Dr. Martin Luther Church, began providing meals, prayers, cards and other gestures of support to help and encourage her throughout her battle. The group became known as “Tricia’s Troops” and soon the entire community rallied around Tricia and her family.

The Wrights recognized that not everyone has the abundant blessings that they were fortunate to receive in their time of need, so she and her husband B.J. made it their mission to start a non-profit organization to “give back” and touch the lives of other members of the community facing cancer. It was May of 2011 that their vision was realized and they proudly hosted the grand opening of Tricia’s Troops Cancer Connection.

In Tricia’s personal life, the outpouring of support filled her with a sense of peace, hope for the future and a faithful calling to live vibrantly…even though cancer had touched her life. She adopted the motto “Where Faith is Planted…Miracles Can Bloom” and every moment that Tricia lived, she believed in those words.

Tricia did not receive the miracle of a cure here on earth, but on April 26th 2012 she received the miracle of eternal life in heaven and her beautiful legacy will live on in the organization she created.

On behalf of Tricia and her family, thank you for being a blessing to us so that together we may be a blessing to others.